klub moozak #45 - live: rdeča raketa (sl/at), taku hannoda (jp)  
wed 30.03.2011 fluc   
klub moozak #45

rdeča raketa (sl/at)
taku hannoda (jp)

klub moozak residents (at)

Rdeča Raketa is an experimental/impro duo composed of Maja Osojnik and Matja Schellander

Anyone who was ever in the lucky position to witness the adventurous sound expeditions of Liverpool’s turntable artist Philip Jeck will have a good idea of where the trip with duo Maja Osojnik & Matija Schellander is going: into the seemingly limitless. Into a space, in any case, where the boundaries between improvisation and electronics, New Music and noise, free rock and visual art have been suspended. Only through this suspension - and not a moment earlier - something better arises. Something as good and audacious as RDEČA RAKETA.

Equipped with their low pitch tools, the sub-bass recorder and e-bass, and together with up to four hands full of electronics, the radical duo maneuvers with bravura through a veritable, eerily beautiful jungle of wild sounds grown rampant, not to mention the undergrowth of gently sizzling to rudely fiery bits & bytes.

“It’s like a jungle sometimes / and I wonder / how I keep from going under” - that’s how Grandmaster Flash once described this condition. Osojnik and Schellander go the extra mile and don’t lose control over the storm, even in the most turbulent situations. In the face of this acoustic adventure, we sit with ears wide open and can only marvel – at the agility of the two, and especially at the musicality that arises from it. Please don’t let this pass you by! (Andreas Fellinger - freiStil, Magazin für Musik und Umgebung)


Taku Hannoda was born on March 23rd 1981 in Akashi City near Osaka, Japan. Since 2000 he has been playing improvised music in Osaka, Tokyo and other cities all over Japan, most notably at the festival BEYOND INNOCENCE (japanese annual music festival held by Kazuhisa Uchihashi ’96-’07). Hannoda appeared yearly until the festival’s demise, beginning with his first remarkable solo-performance in 2000.

In 2005 he performed overseas for the first time in “ONKYO MARATHON” at Japan Society, N.Y. The festival was curated by Carl Stone, and featured collaborations with Otomo Yoshihide, Sachiko M, Nobukazu Takemura and others. In 2006 Hannoda joined the project "ONGAKU to SPORTS!" (en; musics vs sports), which was an experimental "physical" battle between improvised music and sports, produced by the NPO Osaka Arts Aporia. In 2007 his performance at the last Festival Beyond Innocence was acclaimed by several fellow musicians as one of the best of the Festival, despite the fact that he used only a modified guitar and cheap samplers. As of 2009 he has released two CDs (“TORUKO INSENCE” “KESSAKUSHU”), and has also appeared on various musicians’ CDs as guest-musician or co-player.

Until the present, Hannoda has played/collaborated with:
Minoru Kawabata (sax+), Shuichi Chino (piano), Yoshimitsu Ichiraku (a.k.a. doravideo), Tenko (voice), Keiji Haino (guitar), Seiichi Yamamoto (g), Kazuhisa Uchihashi (g, dx), BUS RATCH (t.t. duo), Taku Unami (g+), Tetsuzi Akiyama (g), Yoshihide Otomo (g, t.t.), Takashi Ueno (a.k.a. Tennis Coats), OORU TAICHI (v, sampler), Atsuhiro Ito (optrom), Hiromichi Sakamoto (chello), Yoko Higashino (dance), Akito Inui (g, performance), Won Jiksoo (voice), Kang Tae Hwan (sax), Samm Bennett (v, per.), Sean G. Mieham (ds.), Norbert Mesrung, and various others…
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